Role of Gamification in Digital Marketing

Role of Gamification in Digital Marketing

Many brands are just there for the market. On their social media handle, there is no movement at all. Engagements or reach are not there. That is affecting the value of their brand. According to statistics, there are over one billion active users on Instagram. It is a vast platform that will allow companies to get the best out of digital marketing. With the reach of this kind, companies can usher in growth and stability in their business. There are two categories of digital marketing. Organic and inorganic.

Organic marketing and in-organic marketing both need gamification. With the help of these, companies will grow in the market for sure. Digital marketing company in Kolkata caters to this need of the companies to excel in the market.

Benefits with examples
For digital marketing, Instagram is the key to the heart of consumers. On Instagram, there are video ads that are grinding out all the perks of the market. Through these video ads, consumers will be able to link up with the creators. Aspirational ads are there for the audience to find their desired product. Digital marketing company in Kolkata is using these ads to get the benefits of digital marketing. Here are some of the factors why gamification through video ads is required.

The first thing to consider is the duration. Instagram ads are not more than 30 seconds. Within these ads, there is numerous content.
The second important thing is the target audience. Nowadays, the attention span is very low as per quality is concerned. So if companies need to have the attention, the ads have to be thought-provoking.
The last thing about these ads is they are not static. Consumers cannot skip them like regular posts. These are in-stream video advertisements that will cater to the need of companies. It will convey the message and create the best branding for the product.
How to create an impactful advertisement
A digital marketing company in Kolkata caters to the need of the clients. Digital marketing is the key to achieving growth in the modern market. Here are some of the techniques to create impactful video ads for the campaign.

The first ‘three’ seconds
The reason gamification hasn’t been used in the digital market is because of the ‘three’ seconds rule. Companies held it on a pedestal because it started its magic instantly. The three seconds phenomenon is natural. Because it is a video and not a static picture, it will hold the consumers’ attention. Brands know this very well. The content is the main part of any medium. To engage the audience in just three seconds, the content must be thought-provoking. When the emotional bond deepens, then the customers will be hooked up with the video for sure.